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Jims Garage Services Unit 6,
Rear of 42-64 Ethelbert Road
Cliftonville, Margate,
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Tel. 01843 291122

Jims Garage Services Unit 6,
Rear of 42-64 Ethelbert Road
Cliftonville, Margate,
Kent, CT9 1SB

Have a problem with your brakes? Brake Replacement and Brake Repair in Margate, Kent

brake replacement and brake repair in Margate - Jims Garage Services

Jims Garage Services provide brake replacement and brake repair in Margate, Kent. We are an approved brake service centre for Apec Braking and supply and fit Apec Brake Discs and Brake Pads which come with a 2 year, 24,000 mile warrantee. At our Thanet based workshop we can carry out all brake related fault diagnosis and vehicle repairs.

Brake replacement and brake repair in Margate - Brake Disc and Brake Pad 2 year, 24000 mile guarantee

Brake Problems

Replacement Brake Discs and Brake Pads

Brake replacement and brake repair in Margate - Replacement Brake Discs and Brake Pads in MargateBrake Discs and Brake Pads are the most common parts of your cars braking system to require replacement or repair. Your brakes work by using friction to stop rotating discs (rotas) or drums. Brake pads grip like a vice on each side of the spinning brake disc, while a brake shoe is pressed into the internal radius of a drum. Each time your car stops a minute amount of the Disc / Drum and Pad / Shoe is worn away. Over time, all these components become worn / thinner, to the point where they are outside design limits and require replacement. At Jims Garage Services we offer a full brake fitting service and we only fit the highest quality components, so you can rest assured your brakes are in good hands.

Warped Brakes

Brake replacement and brake repair in MargateBrake judder is a common and annoying fault that can occur in your cars brakes. Our customers often describe brake judder to us as a throbbing sensation through the brake pedal or a shaking feeling through the cars steering wheel. The cause is almost always the brakes suffering from DTI (disc thickness variation) or run-out commonly known as Warping. Both can be caused by cheap, inferior quality components, poor installation and lack of preventative maintenance or bad driving. Although these are the most common faults, other worn components such as suspension, steering rack joints can be the cause and all areas should be investigated. We are proud to be part of Apec Braking Selected Garage Scheme. Apec supply us with the highest quality components which come with a 2 year, 24,000 mile warrantee.

Brake Fluid

Brake replacement and brake repair in MargateBrake fluid should be changed every 18 months or 20,000 miles.
Brake fluid absorbs moisture and moisture creates two major problems in any brake system. Brake fluid is hydroscopic – absorbs moisture.
First, it corrodes precise metal hydraulic components such as valves and pistons and causes them to stick and, corrodes metal brake pipes internally. Moisture also helps to create a rusty sludge inside the system that clogs its vital valves and ports.
Second, moisture can degrade brake performance by causing vapour lock inside the hydraulic system. New brake fluid DOT4 (known as dry) has a boiling point of 230 °C (446 °F). After only 18 months in service, brake fluid (now known as wet) can absorb enough moisture (4%) to lower its boiling point to 155 °C (311 °F). If the fluid boils, vapour bubbles occur. When this happens, the brake pedal will feel mushy or spongy and it will take more pedal effort to stop the vehicle, this is commonly known as brake fade.
Routine brake fluid changes are necessary to keep the intricate hydraulics components inside anti-lock brake systems (ABS) performing properly and prevent costly repair bills.

Poorly Performing Calipers

Brake replacement and brake repair in MargateIf you are having problems with your brakes the culprit could be a poorly performing caliper. The brake caliper is what brings the brake pads into contact against your brake disc and generates the stopping power of the car. Symptoms of a poorly performing brake caliper include the car pulling to one side when braking. At Jims Garage Services we fit the highest quality calipers from Apec Braking. Apec brake calipers are remanufactured to stringent ISO procedures and exacting quality standards, ensuring your new brake calipers have a long and reliable working life.

Squeaking Brakes and Grinding Brakes

Brake replacement and brake repair in MargateBrakes should operate quietly; strange noises under braking are not normal and should be investigated. These noises can be caused by grit / dirt on braking surfaces, cheap poor quality parts or worn brake pads / shoes and associated components. If you are in doubt about an unusual noise when you press the brake pedal we’d be happy to put your mind at rest.

Hand Brake Problems

Brake replacement and brake repair in MargateThe Hand Brake or Parking Brake as it is sometimes referred to is the part of your cars braking system that is used to secure the vehicle from rolling away when you are parked. As with all parts of the braking system, it is prone to wear and tear and on occasion parts will need replacing. Some tell tell signs that your hand brake may be in need of some TLC include: – long travel in your hand brake handle where you need to raise the lever a long way to stop the vehicle rolling or the vehicle rolls even when the hand brake is on. Another common fault is a sticking handbrake where the brake stays locked on when the handbrake lever is released. Some modern vehicles are fitted with electronic hand brakes that are operated with a switch on the dashboard. We have full diagnostic facilities to determine faults with modern electronic hand brakes including brake caliper rewinding tools.

Spongy Brake Pedal

Brake replacement and brake repair in MargateYour cars brake pedal should feel firm when you apply pressure to it with your foot. A soft or spongy brake pedal or a brake pedal that requires several pumps to bring the vehicle to a stop are indications that a problem may exist with your cars brake system. There are several causes of a spongy brake pedal. We recommend that you book your car in for a brake inspection if you are experiencing a soft brake pedal when driving your car or van. If you feel your car is not safe to drive, we offer a free collection and delivery service.

Corroded Brake Lines and Perished Rubber Flexible Brake Lines

The dreaded annual MOT test generally highlights any problems with corroded metal brake lines or perished rubber brake pipes. Over time, the metal in the brake line starts to corrode and rust starts to eat its way through the pipe. Flexible Rubber brake lines can become brittle and form bulges in their side walls. These irregularities in the diameter of the brake lines can cause your car to brake unevenly. At Jims Garage Services we have the facilities to make up and replace corroded metal brake lines and our replacement rubber brake hoses are very good quality.

ABS Brake Faults

Brake replacement and brake repair in MargateABS (Anti-lock Braking System) has become standard equipment in the majority of modern cars. Sensors on each wheel, tell your cars computer when a wheel has stopped rotating (indicating that the car is skidding) when under braking. Your cars computer automatically releases some pressure to the brake capiler that has locked and you regain traction. Common ABS issues include, faulty sensors and worn out ABS pumps. Generally, a light will appear on your dashboard if a fault occurs with your ABS system. At Jims Garage Services we have an ABS diagnostics machine, which we can plug into your cars computer to troubleshooting antilock braking problems.

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